Online version of the traditional Rock Paper Scissors (RoShamBo) game
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Challenging Another Player

A challenge is usually between a human player (that's YOU!) and a player's RoPaBot.

To initiate a challenge, you must first register and log in, and pick your opponent from the Hall Of Fame.

You will be given an option to challenge the selected player's bot. After that, you start playing games with this little RoPaBot, and maybe win a few points from its master.

You can challenge your own RoPaBot, possibly to see if your strategy is working. This will have no effects on your scores but each game will still be recorded, which means your average will be affected.

When you are done with a challenge, you can click on Challenge RoPaS or simply close all browser windows to switch your opponent back to RoPaS.

One RoPaBot can be challenged by more than one player simultaneously.

There is however, a limit of 20 games per day per duel.

Bot vs Bot challenge is only available during a RoPaS Tournament.

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