Online version of the traditional Rock Paper Scissors (RoShamBo) game
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RoPaS Rules
Basic Rules:
  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beat Paper
  • Paper beats Rock

General Gameplay:

  • Select one of the three options (Rock, Paper or Scissors)
  • Select number of points at stake
  • Hit the "Play!" Button
  • You are game over once you have lost all your points. Your account will then be reset and you'll have one GameOver record. Any PowerHand/PowerFist will be removed as well.

Advanced Gameplay (Registered players only):

  • If you win 3 plays in a row, you will be offered a PowerHand
  • A PowerHand allows you to get extra 5 times the winning points of your last play
  • If you choose to forgo the PowerHand, and win 5 plays (ie 2 more) in a row, you'll automatically receive a PowerFist
  • A PowerFist allows you to bet on your next game, and if you win, you will get extra 10 times the winning points of that particular play


  • PowerHand gives you certainty over fixed points
  • With a PowerFist, you can determine the points at stake, but only on the uncertainty of the next time.
  • Once you have acquired a PowerFist, you will have three additional options (PowerRock, PowerPaper or PowerScissors). Choosing one of these three "Power" options indicates your intention to use a PowerFist. If you won the following game, you will get 10 times the points you put at stake; If you lost, you will lose the points you put at stake.

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